Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

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The semi automatic transformer coil core taping machine is used for taping the insulation adhesive tape or bonding tape on the coil and core of the transformers or inductors, to fix the EI core or EE core or ET core within transformer or inductor, and used taping adhesive insulation tape for transformer coil, inductor coils, relay coils, ignition coils, contactor coils, solenoid valve coils etc.
Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

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Why do we use tapes in transformer coils after winding?

Not just in transformers, but most coils made of enameled wire have to be better insulated if a turn can touch other turns that have many turns among them.

The problem is the very low insulation that the enamel presents, mostly due to cracks that exist in the enamel (the maximum voltage that an enameled wire will withstand against another wire of the same type is usually lower than 200V).

The insulation provided by enamel is quite enough to insulate two consecutive turns, twenty consecutive turns or even (in some cases) a hundred consecutive turns. But not to insulate much more than this.

So, the tape is used to insulate turns that have too high voltage (between them) to be handled just by the thin a fragile enamel layers over the conductors.

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Machine Specifications

Features Automatic taping with  bobbin change-over. Tape cutter with start and finish wiper and automatic  unload. 2 handed start button operation. Number of turns of tape is  programmable from 1 to 9 turns.
Cycle Time Typically 3 seconds per bobbin for 2 turns of tape, cut and auto unload.
Application Taping of ferrite cores, EI  laminations and wound coils.
Min. Bobbin Size 12mm of wound coil cross section, EE-08 to EE-28
Production Min. 1500 pcs, Max. 2200 pcs per hour
Supply reel dia 76mm I.D. standard – other  sizes available
Changeable Parts Tape roller attachment, winding jigs (tooling), cutter and wiper fixture, safety cover, tape backing removal feature
Power AC 230 / 110 V ± 10%, 50 – 60hz
Dimensions 600 L * 650 W * 300 H (mm)
Net weight 45 kg


The coil is placed by an operator on a rotating spindle, and the machine automatically applies the required number of turns of insulation tape, secures the end of the tape with a wiping action, and  ejects the  coil from the machine.

This taping machine is ideal for larger batch quantities of coils, with very high repeatability and fast cycle times.

The machine is designed to operate with a wide variety of insulation tapes, including Kapton, Polyester, PEN, PVC, PPS, and most other  woven and non-woven types.  


Machine Working

1. Manual insert bobbin

2. Automatic tape coil

3. Automatic cut tape

4. Manual unload products  


Working Video of Coil Taping Machine


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Scope of application

Suitable for TAPE high-frequency transformers tape, low-frequency transformers tape, inductors taping, drum core coils, solenoid coils, relay coils, contactor coils etc.  


Instructions for use

1. Please use 110v ,220V ± 10% / 50HZ power supply.

2. Do not place the device in a strong electromagnetic interference environment.

3. Equipment should be -10 ℃ -40 ℃ 95% RH non-condensing environment use.

4. Main circuit board is susceptible to electrostatic damage and damage, do not touch the main circuit board.

5. Do not start and shut down the power frequently, turn off the power after 10 seconds before starting.


Types of Insulation Tapes used in coil or core taping

Different sorts of electrical protection tape are accessible, each offering novel properties and advantages in light of the particular development material. A couple of the most famous sorts of tape are recorded underneath.

Polyester tape

Constructed of a thin film, polyester tape offers superior electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties. It can be used in a range of service temperatures, standing up against cold weather while providing high heat resistance (-100 °F/-73 °C to over 500 °F/260 °C). Adhesive transfer is minimal. Polyester tape also has high abrasion resistance along with high dielectric strength.

Transformer Insulation Tape

Transformer insulation tape is flame-resistant and can stand up to high heat exposure. This tape offers great adhesive properties and can be used to create a tight coil construction.

Transformer insulation tape is commonly used for:

  • Lead insulation
  • Coil wrapping and banding
  • Dry-type and oil-filled transformers

Black Vinyl Tape

Black vinyl tape is constructed from vinyl film and is coated with rubber adhesives. It is the industry standard due to its optimal weather resistance and UV resistance. Numerous colors are available, and the tape can be removed easily without leaving behind heavy adhesive residue.

Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India


What tape is mostly used for transformer coils?

Polyester tape is a rich quality tape. The polyester tape uses include material mainly used for SMPS transformers and electrical relays for temperature application up to 130°in general-purpose insulation.

Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

Applications of Polyester Tapes

  • Film and foil capacitors
  • Phase and coil – end insulation
  • Very good varnish resistance properties
  • Strengthening of edges for slot
  • Core Layer and final insulations of transformers, SMPS, chalk, coils etc
  • Final wrapping of cast resin capacitors
  • Transformer windings
  • Cable jointing


Other Usages of Taping Machine
  • Mobile Charger Cabinet/ Plastic Box Taping
  • Solenoid coil Taping
  • Relay coil taping
  • Drum core & inductor taping
  • Taflon taping applications
  • USB shell paste protective film taping
  • Contactor Coil taping
  • Small DT and large transformer taping 

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Machine Installation Guide

The machine adopted with the newest edition of CNC-130 controller which is the best micro-control technique controller and made by Mono crystalline silicon micro-technique, featuring compact in size, powerful functions, easy wiring, operations and settings. The controller is stable and reliable in functions, and easy maintenance.

Note of the use:
1. Please make sure that it is the correct specific model machine received.
2. Please read carefully of the operating manual.
3. When operating the machine, strictly follows the safety rules and precautions on the manual.
4. Due to design changes or special reason, the specifications of the machine and the operating manual delivery sometimes might be found some differences, please understand.
5. Unauthorized modification parts on the machine resulting quality or mechanical problem will not be covered within warranty

Before getting unit installed, make sure the installation room is met for following conditions.
1). Power Source : AC 220V, 60Hz
2). Working place Temperature: 5 ~ 400C
3). Relative Humidity: 30 ~ 95% (No pressure)
4). Air condition: Not very dusty, acidity gas, corrosiveness, poorly ventilated
5). Not placing on an abnormal vibration floor.
6). Must be grounded.

Cautions on using
1). Place the unit on a firm, level surface.
2). Do not install the unit in a humid or dusty location
3). When moving the unit, be sure to turn the power switch off and remove the power cord from outlet.


Introduction to CNC-130A Controller


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

Safety Directive

Safety Precautions:
1. Use the “STOP button” to immediately stop the machine at anytime if there is abnormal situation. Keep in mind where the position of the “STOP Button” is.
2. Before starting up the machine, be sure to check there is no foreign object, material or article around, such as screws or liquids.
3. Whether conducting maintenance or changing of fixtures, the main power source must be disconnected.
4. If temporarily leaving the machine on idle, press the “STOP” button, and also turn off the main power switch.
5. While the machine is on operation, do not try opening the door cover of the machine.
6. In case of power supply failure, turn off the main power switch.
7. In order to prevent starting up the machine by accident during maintenance work; please turn off the main power switch before carrying out maintenance.
8. Motors and electrical devices best operated by an electrical technician; and after power off, wait for 15 seconds before any maintenance work, to prevent residual voltage.
9. Do not smoke; no fireworks.


Safety Sign
1. Where necessary on the machine has posted warning signs label, please be sure to follow the precautions flag tips.
2. Do not remove safety signs label, if labels being lost or defected and other reasons could not be identified, please replace new one.
4.1.3 General Safety Rules
1. Operation and maintenance of the machine must be sure performed by trained and through hands-on training personnel.
2. When operating the machine and maintenance, always check for compliance with safety rules.
3. Always check and ensure that the necessary safety equipment is well functions.
4. When there is on suspicion of machine running & operations, please stop the machine and notify us in writing.


Safety Rules related to maintenance work
1. When cleaning the machine or peripheral devices, please stop machine completely.
2. After duty, please make sure all parts of the state machine are in the best state.
3. After maintenance works, be sure to install back the removed cover and door securely, then start operating the machine.
4. When replacing electrical parts, power must be cut off, and use only the same parts or the same size, specifications of parts.
5. When replacing with a new fuse, make sure the same specifications is met and used. (Do not use a fuse with higher rated current; it will damage the machine and its components)
6. Please follow the amount and cycle etc. on manual to deliver lubrication to the machine’s parts. Only use a neutral detergent for cleaning, so not use alcohol, benzene or thinner.
7. Motors and electrical devices work are preferably handled by an electrical technician


Unpack and Install Machine

Unpacking the machine
1. Unpacking the machine will require a minimum of two people. Do not attempt to lift the machine without assistance.
2. After unpacked the machine, check the following information and items:
– Check the machine model and specifications
– Check tools and operating instructions
– Check the electrical components and terminal are installed and fastened.
3. Place the unit on a stable and flat working table.

Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India


Operation Mode


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

Tooling Installation & Set Up


1) Tooling installation:
Insert corresponding tooling’s spindles into unit, make sure both spindles head are the same and correct, then secure screws as per following picture shown.


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India


2). Tape installation:
Place tape into tape holder; secure it by turning screw nuts on tape holder, then pull tape to coil through tape guider. Tune to fit and position alignment by adjusting tape position nuts and tape guider nuts on tape holder.


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

3). Tension adjustment:
To adjust tapping tension, adjust screws on back of tape holder as indicated on picture below.


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India


4). Adjust cutting point:
Adjust cutting point for different coils/ cores tapping. To do this, adjust screws on shaft fixing base to make a center point for specified coil/core as picture shown.

At the same time, adjust inside motor position, loose screws on motor fixing base to make motor axis corresponding to axis of upper fixture, then secure screw.


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

5). Driving Clamp


Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India

Transformer Coil Core Taping Machine Manufacturer India


Maintenance & Periodic Inspection

1). Before use, please read this operating manual thoroughly.
2). When the machine is running, keep a safe distance from the machine
3). Turn off the main power distribution box before cleaning, to avoid electric shock.
4). If the power being turned off, the user must wait at least for 5 seconds to restart the machine, in order for letting the drive fully discharged.
5). The machine must be grounded.
6). The air pressure source supply must pass through the water filters. Always make sure the air and water in clean condition.

Basic Maintenance
It is essential to correctly and periodically inspect and maintain the machine to prevent unexpected failures or malfunctions, thus ensuring safe operation and lengthening the machine’s life.
The outside parts of the machine should be kept clean. Use vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to clean the machine. Do not use compressed air or chemical products to clean the machine, as they can damage the internal cables, timing belts and other components of the unit.
The check cycles of the machine are classified in the following categories:
– Daily check
– Weekly check
– Check after 1 month of operation
– Check after 1 year of operation

Other maintenance note:
1). Every 60 days, grease every slides and other moving parts.
2). The machine must be given a dust & rustproof once every two weeks.
4). Clean the electrical component of electrical box once every six months. To do this, please disconnect the power source.

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More Information

We are manufacturer of Coil & Core Taping machine in coil transformer manufacturing industry. The insulation tape automatic wrapping machine can wrap the insulation tape onto EI75 transformer.

This transformer tape taping machine is used for wrapping the insulation tape on the wire coil winding and wrapping the tape on the transformer ferrite cores to bond the ferrite cores.

This transformer coil insulation tape wrapping equipment has two taping spindles to run in cycle together so that enhance the taping machine efficiency.

This transformer tape taping machine be called coil tape wrapping machine, winding tape tapping machinery and ferrite cores bonding taping equipment also.


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